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Hypnotherapy Session with Attila Kun

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent session and share the progress I have made with my life after the one session I had with you on January 4, 2005.
I would greatly appreciate if you could share this letter with others who are looking for relief from the workings of our subconscious mind, thus I will give some background material to bring clarity into this letter. I believe that your skill in helping me is a gift and I would like others to seek your skills and understand the gift of letting go of irrational fear.
In brief, my underlying psychological issues stem from being molested and raped as a teenager, lack of self-esteem and need for approval. When I finally seeked psychological counselling form a psychiatrist and a psychologist I had reached a point in my life where I feared going into crowds, I feared being alone in a room with men, I feared and created in my mind the thoughts that people were thinking about me. Then I feared that. The thoughts were mostly negative about myself. I am diagnosed with general anxiety disorder and take a very low dose of Paxil to alleviate the physical and some of the psychological symptoms of the anxiety. The psychological counselling I took was sessions of understanding and practising different thought strategies to get the mind to think differently. I am not a person that enjoys drawing pictures and analyzing what they mean in group sessions. I wanted answers and how to get better. (I don't like group sessions, it is the crowd thing, so I did not attend them). In my life I felt there was always some progress and then a trigger of some sort sparks a memory cue and "wham" all the progress that was made was back to where I had just begun. I have struggled with this for over 25 years and decided at the suggestion of my sister to seek hypnotherapy. She had seen Attilla at one of his shows, and her husband approached Attila in regards to hypnotherapy sessions.
Before Xmas I had proudly taken myself off of Paxil, but an incident occurred which was a particularly difficult memory trigger and put me back to square one again. I spoke to my doctor and we put myself back onto the anti-anxiety drug Paxil. I then made an appointment with Attilla. I was desperately hoping the memory triggers could be alleviated through hypnotherapy. Please note that I am employed in an office and work in a very public place that entails working with men and women daily. I work with very kind people and this is a great asset with the fears I deal with.

Now remember, I am a lady that gets very anxious when in a situation where I am alone in a room with men or a man, let alone let a man hypnotize me into a session that I may not know what is going on or what has transpired. Pretty scary, huh? Attila immediately sensed my fear and nervousness, but his gentle kind manner eased my catapulting irrational fears. Throughout our half hour consultation I understood that this was a man who worked with integrity in the best interest of the patient and I relaxed and understood I could trust him. He was sincere and intended to ensure I understood before we did a hypnotherapy session that I would always be aware of what was happening and could stop at any time. In the consultation process, I was very honest and did not hold back on any details that would jeopardize the success of this session. Within the half hour consultation, he had enough information and understanding for the situation that was causing my underlying fears and he was ready to start the hypnotherapy session. He explained the workings of the subconscious mind and other details to bring to an understanding of how hypnotherapy works.

I am very easily hypnotized, as I listen to a hypnotist cassette tape to fall asleep at night. This tape works much better than sleeping pills and faster. Now it only takes 5 sentences and poof I am asleep. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I put the tape back on and back to sleep I go. So for this session with Attilla, I was familiar with the initial phases of the session. Attilla addressed the underlying issues and then put forth a totally different memory picture in my mind to offset the triggers that caused my anxiety to escalate. The hypnotherapy session was 1 hour and we were done. He suggested only if I felt I needed to that he would like to seem in six weeks, but that is not necessary. He believes that only one session is necessary for success. I have to say, I was amazed that Attilla did not write down anything in the half hour consult and remembered so many details of what we discussed to bring it into the therapy session. That was very impressive.

I didn't feel any different right away, after all you are still the same person. I immediately went home right away and got my hypnosis tape out, taped it onto another tape and then added my own voice to it with the memory picture that Attila had used in my session. I then listened to this tape every night when I went to sleep. Over the next 4 weeks, I had many negative memory triggers, but the triggers were offset immediately by the details that were given in my hypnotherapy session. It has now become automatic - the memory trigger - the hypnotherapy details and I am finding fewer and fewer moments of memory trigger happening.

I feel like I have got my life back, I have self-confidence, the irrational fears have disappeared and when they do happen, I am dealing with them rationally. My life was stuck and now I find I am going forward.

I have suffered with this anxiety for years and can honestly say that the hypnotherapy session with Attilla has been the best thing I have ever done. I would recommend a session to anyone who is dealing with anxiety.

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